Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to construct a new cattle processing barn?

A: No, you may use your existing cattle processing barn with a few modifications plus the addition of sort gates and pens if needed.

Q: What sort of modifications are required?

A: We recommend the addition of a squeeze chute for measurements just prior to the existing processing chute for efficiency. Depending on the chute, some minor modifications may need to me made to the side bars to improve access to cattle.

Q: Do I need to change or replace my feedyard accounting system?

A: You may use your current feedyard accounting system. The only changes that might need to be made is the capability to export a simple text file containing information such as daily feed and costs by pen, cattle moves, and cattle sale information to the CCSS™ database program.

Q: Do I have to use any special ear tags or change my cattle identification policy?

A: You may use whatever cattle identification policy that is appropriate for your operation. CCSS™ does not require any identification of cattle.

Q: Do I need to hire additional staff?

A: Depending on your processing crew and workload, perhaps not. With automated chutes, the operator that is measuring cattle can also work that end of the snake.

Q: What about staff to manage sorted cattle?

A: CCSS™ is designed to minimize the operational impact to your operation. Cattle are managed by pen and so your normal management practices still apply. There is some additional effort required for sort planning and reviewing sort results. Additional reports are produced to help you better understand and manage the cattle you have in your feed pens. Use of the system can actually help you reduce or eliminate pen topping and increase the number of cattle you have in each pen to better manage more cattle in fewer pens.

Q: How does CCSS™ reduce the need for pen topping?

A: When sorting cattle, CCSS™ can sort off a percentage of the larger cattle that will be finished early for special handling, perhaps to a special pen for earlier marketing.

Q: What if I still would like to use pen topping?

A: No problem, CCSS™ can identify those cattle that will be finished early and you may wish to use a special tag on those animals for easier identification.

Q: What about packer relationships?

A: CCSS™ does not impose any new or special relationship with your chosen packer. No new data needs to be reported back and you may market cattle to take advantage of your desired marketing strategy.

Q: Do I have to measure cattle twice or sort multiple times?

A: No, CCSS™ uses no prior measurements to classify and sort cattle. Cattle need be sorted only once into a feed pen and they will stay together with the group and may be marketed as a complete pen.

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