CCSS Research Study

Sorted Cattle at Bunk (low shot)A controlled research study of 12,874 randomized steers fed in 48 pens confirms that the CCSS™ can add significant value to your operation in a simple and effective manner.

An 8-month controlled study showed a significant increase in the actual net value derived from use of the Cattle Classification and Sorting System™ (CCSS™) by Performance Cattle Company, LLC. Because of improved cattle uniformity within each pen, sorted cattle produced both increased live weights and greater hot carcass weights and at the same time cattle were more consistent in size (less over- and under-weight carcasses) and maturity (less YG 4 & 5s).

When sold on a grid, sorted cattle return more value due to an increase in carcass weight as well as more in premiums and less in discounts. When sold on a live-basis, cattle return more value due to increased live weights.

Using the CCSS™ proportional sorting feature, head counts in pens are statistically balanced during sorting according to pen capacity requirements. This improves feed pen utilization to receive the benefit of feeding full pens of cattle. Sorted cattle also reduce or eliminate the need for “pen topping” further enhancing pen utilization.

The CCSS™ returns significant added net value because cattle are sorted using a simple, effective, and consistent science-based method using quantitative information to make projections. The CCSS™ simplifies the difficult task of objectively measuring and sorting cattle to return the benefit of less-diverse, yet full pens of cattle.

By using the Cattle Classification and Sorting System™, cattle sorting is now effective, affordable, and profitable.

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