CCSS Features

The CCSS™ brings your operation proven real value

  • Returns more value when cattle are marketed
    • Increased live weights
    • Increased carcass weights
    • Reduced heavyweight and YG 4&5 carcasses
  • Improve feed pen utilization
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for “pen topping”

The CCSS™ helps you manage your cattle

  • Reduces cattle diversity in your feeding pens
  • Proportionally sort cattle to fill equal or unequal pen sizes
  • Know what you have in each pen of cattle
  • Improved implant program (selection and scheduling)
    • Select implant for sorted cattle based on days to finish
  • Improve a beta agonist program
    • Administer product based on projected finish date
    • Reduced diversity in pens helps avoid overweight cattle

The CCSS™ “Pen Value Optimization” feature

  • Evaluate multiple marketing dates for projected value
  • Evaluate multiple packer grids for projected carcass performance
  • Sell cattle either live or on a grid

The CCSS™ is flexible

  • It is not an all or none proposition—use the features you need
  • Sort cattle 2, 3, or 4 ways or classify cattle for management aid
    • Sort statistically to balance pens or use absolute limits
    • Sort by days to target finish weight or by current weight
  • Sort at arrival or re-implant—prior measurements are not required
  • Automatic or manual gate operation or both

The CCSS™ Reports

  • Cattle Classification Report
  • Carcass Performance & Marketing Report
  • Preliminary Feeding Closeout Report
  • Final Closeout Report

The CCSS™ fits your existing operation

  • Uses your existing cattle processing facilities
  • Use your current processing crew – no specialists required
  • Use your existing feedyard information system
  • Use your own cattle tagging policy
    • No special cattle identification necessary
  • Use your existing packer relationships
    • No additional carcass information is required

Cattle processing facility modifications for the CCSS™

  • Add squeeze chute for measurements prior to processing chute (this is for speed—not required for smaller operations or trials)
  • Install load cells and scale head for weight measurements
  • Minor modifications to the squeeze chute drop-down bars may be desired for better access to cattle for measurements
  • Add sort pens and sort gates
  • Install standard electrical boxes and conduit for system power
  • Electrical & hydraulic work for added chute and sort gates

Pen Statistics and Projections

  • Evaluate cattle statistics for each pen
    • Chute Weights
    • Target Finish Weights
    • Days to Target
    • Cattle scoring (face & body color, ear, body condition, etc.)
  • Projections adjusted by actual daily intake
  • Monitor actual vs. projected performance

Research Assistance

  • The CCSS™ can randomize cattle for trials (with or without sorting)
  • Conduct your own controlled studies with randomized cattle to evaluate and compare different products and practices
    • Implant products and strategy
    • Feed additives
    • Feed ingredients/rations
    • Management practices

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