Facilities Required for CCSS

Outside Sort GatesThe CCSS is designed to use existing cattle processing facilities and can often be installed with few modifications.

Generally, the most significant changes to be made are the addition of sort pens and gates. The system uses four sort pens and one smaller bypass pen to accommodate sorting.

Cattle measurements used for classification and sorting can be made in most any standard squeeze chute.

Two Chutes - Step Back to the SideAlthough the CCSS measurement device can be installed in the existing processing chute, for efficiency, a separate chute prior to the processing chute is recommended to weigh cattle and to make external dimension measurements. 

Depending on the particular chute used, the drop-down bars of the measurement chute may need to be modified slightly to improve access to cattle to ease external measurements.

Sort Alley - Raised ViewOnce weighed and measured, cattle may proceed forward for normal processing procedures.

A curved sort alley with the sort gates along the outside wall is recommended to take advantage of the natural tendency of cattle to circle.  The bypass pen is always open and is located conveniently at the end of the sort alley near the tub.

Sort Pens - Radial PatternThe sort pens radiate outward from the sort gates in a spoke-like manner. The narrow entry and wide area at the back of the pen encourage cattle to move away from the barn.

Cross fences and gates can be used to allow for the removal of sorted cattle while sorting continues with the next group of cattle.

Outside Connector Block and Solenoids02Sort gates can be automatically operated by the system. Connectors, cables, hydraulic solenoid valves, and connector blocks are weather resistant so they may be placed near the gates simplifying system installation and maintenance.

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