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Sorted Cattle at Feed BunkPerformance Cattle Company, LLC. was formed to serve the cattle feeding industry and since the time of its inception, has set out to significantly improve the market value of fed cattle.

The Cattle Classification and Sorting System™ (CCSS™) is the result of extensive research, development and testing, investing the time and attention to each and every detail to make the system effective yet easy to implement in existing feed yard operations. The CCSS™ is a simple and consistent science-based method that uses quantitative information to make projections for sorting and managing pens of cattle.

A controlled research study of 12,874 steers fed in 48 pens confirmed that the CCSS™ can add significant value to your operation in a simple and effective manner.

As a result of the study and ongoing testing, as well as continuing research and development, improvements continue to be made to enhance the effectiveness and usability of the system.

We took the time and effort to research and develop the CCSS™ to be effective and easy to use so you don’t have to spend so much time and effort to operate and administrate the system.

“Cattle sorting is now simple, effective, affordable, and profitable”™

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